Art Street Of Eco Park – Where art meet the Street

Art Street Kolkata: Where Nature Meets Creativity

Art Street Kolkata, nestled within the serene Eco Park, is a dynamic fusion of art and nature. This project, a collaboration between local artists and the West Bengal government, has breathed life into blank walls, transforming them into vibrant murals.

The murals at Art Street Kolkata celebrate the city’s rich cultural diversity, featuring traditional Bengali motifs, historic figures, and contemporary art. Visitors are drawn to this innovative space, boosting footfall in Eco Park and making it a popular tourist attraction.

Art Street Kolkata is not just a testament to Kolkata’s artistic spirit but also a shining example of how creativity can transform urban spaces, making them more engaging and eco-conscious. Visit this vibrant canvas to experience Kolkata’s cultural heritage in a dynamic and immersive setting.

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